The mobilisation of business processes is essential in order to enable your staff access from any location. Paian allows your company to connect existing IT systems and cloud services with mobile terminals, and this is carried out independently from your existing IT infrastructure. In terms of technology, Mobile Computing is implemented for you with a “back-end as a service” (BaaS). It then simply integrates itself into your existing IT as a platform for the realisation of mobile business processes with its open and modular architecture. By applying this innovative mobile middleware, security aspects, i.e. most of all identity or access management as well as the safe handling of offline data are guaranteed at all times.

Our experts can develop mobile applications according to your needs, should you not yet dispose of any that suit you. We plan, design and implement your mobile strategy – together with you. We evaluate your goals, usage scenarios and processes for a successful digital transformation in the form of workshops, taking into consideration your entrepreneurial interests and resources.


“apiOmat Mobile Platform“ serves as base function of apiOmat Enterprise and the simple and safe way of data filing for your mobile business processes in a high-performance data base or connecting cloud services like Facebook, Twitter or Push. This solution is particularly useful on-premise, in a private or a public cloud.

The “apiOmat Gateway“ will integrate your existing IT systems that store data in a fast and simple way into your mobile applications, including your existing IT security. This can be carried out via standard connectors for systems like Microsoft, Oracle or SAP, or our experts will develop individual connectors to your systems. This solution is recommended for on-premise or a private cloud.

The apiOmat Enterprise is a comprehensive solution and includes the combined functionalities of the mobile platform and the gateway and can be applied in a private cloud or on-premise.


Paian Mobile Service

Based on the apiOmat mobile computing solutions, the Paian Mobile Service enables you the connection of your back-end systems in a safe and controlled manner. Our IT experts or your own IT department will integrate your existing systems into the mobile world by standardised connectors, thus allowing your company and your staff the mobile usage of your business data:

Paian Mobile Integration Service

Our IT experts can support you in a competent way, should your existing systems require processes to be customised or individual connectors to be developed in order to be integrated into the mobile world. Our services offered range from situation analysis to implementation. Thanks to pre-configured connectors for management, resources, security and data base systems, only little time and effort for implementation are incurred. We would love to convince you of our products and services with a proof of concept that is developed within 5 to 10 days.

Paian Application Development

In case your existing systems are not complete yet or do not dispose of any app-based business solutions for mobile platforms yet, our IT experts are able to develop your app, cooperating with own partners, your own trusted service providers or with your own IT department: For ultimately, a mobile application is an essential part of a comprehensive mobile business process.

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